Angel Pet - Athens Black Collar

Type: collar

This top selling collection is sure to separate your dog from the rest of the pack. The shiny replica diamonds that surround these genuine leather collars are sandwiched between 2 pieces of leather to ensure no stones come out. This collar is available in ALL breed sizes, from Chihuahua to Great Dane!

This collar has one D-ring in the center of the collar and another D-ring at the end of the collar. Attach the leash to the center D-ring so that the collar stays centered on your dog's neck and hang their name tags on the other ring.


  • 10"-18" have one row of rhinestones
  • 22" has two rows of rhinestones
  • 26" has three rows of rhinestones

Because each dog is unique, please measure your dog's neck for the perfect fit. If your dog is in-between sizes, it is usually better to go up to the bigger size as it is not safe to be on the last hole of any collar.