Buddy Belt Harness 2

Buddy Belt Harness 2

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Is this a real Buddy Belt? YES!
The same design and hardware is used, but made with synthetic leather.

Looking for a nice comfortable harness that's easy to get on and won't irritate your dog's skin? The Buddy Belt harness is what you've been looking for. Made of a synthetic leather and has an adjustable chest belt to fit your dog perfectly.Great for dogs with chests. Matching leashes available upon request.

BB2 Product Highlights

  • synthetic leather material
  • New BB2 logo
  • Bone charm
  • Lower price point

Since dogs come in different sizes & shapes, the best way to determine the right size is by measurement of the chest instead of weight. 

How to measure: Use a soft tape measure, place tape near armpit & measure all the way around to get your dogs chest size.