Sleepypod Air Red

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Worrying about buying a cat carrier or a dog carrier that will not fit under a plane seat is a thing of the past. Our patent pending folding system allows pets to travel in the largest space possible while the airplane is in the air, yet still allows for stowage under an airline seat during takeoff and landing. When the captain says you can recline your seat, rotate the Sleepypod Air so it is between your feet and then expand the ends so both you and your little friend can stretch out comfortably for the duration of the flight. In-cabin pet travel has never been so comfortable.

Meets major airline carry-on pet regulations by being able to compress in length from 22" to 19" when one side is compressed, or 16" when both sides are compressed.

The ends are designed to expand when there is nothing blocking them. Once compressed, the ends of Sleepypod Air remain in a flexed position with the airline seat frame serving as its barrier; the ends fold down automatically to fill the available space.

Compressing Sleepypod Air for the first time:

  • Before using Sleepypod Air with a pet inside, it is important to compress the ends a few times as they will be "fresh from the factory" stiff.
  • Zip the Sleepypod Air so it is entirely closed and at full length. Hold the carrier lengthwise with your thumbs on the ends and the rest of your fingers under the Sleepypod Air. Apply pressure and compress the Sleepypod Air from this position. Three inches from each end you will feel a ridge on the bottom. This is the point where the Sleepypod Air will flex. The first compression of the ends will require a little extra force; thereafter, the ends of the Sleepypod Air will be pliant.
Weight: Dog 15lbs, Cat 17.5lbs
Measurements: Expanded: 22" x 10.5" x 10.5", Compressed: 16" x 10" x 8"
Color: Strawberry Red