Here's a list of our frequently asked questions. We hope they help!

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us by phone at

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How long will my dog be in your care?

At Hip Pooch we only have your dog in our care for the duration of the groom. We find this is less stressful for your dog. That time frame will vary based on the breed, the condition of the coat and the behaviour of the dog. Typically 1.5hrs for small- large breeds. X-Large 2-2.5 hrs. At the time of booking you will be told how long the appointment will be. 

Do you do daycare or Kennel dogs?

We do not provide any daycare services. We require that your dog is picked up within 20 minutes of being notified that they are ready. We also do not kennel dogs while they are here for grooming. Your dog is allowed to roam freely before and after the groom. If your dog does not like other dogs, then we will discuss at the time of booking if we can accommodate as we always have other grooms happening at the same time.

What type of shampoo do you use?

We use only high end, professional grooming shampoo. We have numerous types that can be used based on the coat type of the dog. This is at no extra charge. If your dog is sensitive or you prefer something with no scent or your dog has allergies we can accommodate. Please let us know at drop off. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms. Debit, Credit, Cash, and etransfer. 

Do you groom all Breeds?

Yes we do. Our groomers groom dogs as small as teeny yorkies to Giant Doodles. We have groomers who might specialize in certain breeds over another so we will place you with the right one based on the information you tell us. There is no breed that our groomers can not groom. 

When should my puppy have their first groom?

Typically we suggest waiting until they have all of their shots. Puppies are more susceptible to potentially catching something and this is a way to be safe. Breeds like shitzu, doodles, havanese, typically need a first full groom around 5 months. We find if these breeds wait longer there is a high chance of them being matted as they will go through a coat change from puppy to adult around this time. 

What if my dog is matted?

At drop off we will assess your dog’s coat and let you know if there is a possibility of any areas having to be shaved. If there are just a few small spots, it might be possible to brush them out.  If there are large areas like the legs, that area might have to be to shaved. If mats are very tight and cannot be brushed out it can be very painful to the dog, thus shaving might be the only option. If the mats are very tight they can not be brushed out as it is very painful for your dog. We want the grooming experience to be a positive one. We will make sure you are informed on why your dog has to be shaved (this does not always mean to the skin) over another option you might have been hoping for. 

Can i stay for the grooming?

Unfortunately this is not allowed. Having the owner around would be a big distraction for most dogs. We need your dog to be giving the groomer their full attention so that they are not potentially moving around on the table, which can make the process more difficult for the groomer when using scissors or clippers on them. With our grooming being one-on-one with the groomer and having only one other dog in at the same time we are creating the calmest, least distracting environment for your dog.

Are nail trims included in a groom?

Yes always! They will clip them and dremel (smooths the edges and pushes the quick back a bit more)

Do you do walk-in nail trims?

Unfortunately we do not. We do require that you give us a call and let us know what day you are wanting and we can let you know what times are available that day. We have a limited amount of spots each day. As nail trims only take 5 minutes the owner is welcome to wait.

Do you groom Doodles?

We love doodles! Our groomers are very experienced in grooming all sizes & styles of doodles. From small to Giant we have groomed them. We have many examples of photos of clients that we can show you on arrival if you are unsure of what type of length & style you are wanting. 

Are there other options other than a full groom?

Generally yes. Depending on the breed, your dog can just book in for a “Bath & Tidy” which is usually a maintenance groom for certain breeds to prevent matting (doodles, shitzu, havanese, maltese etc) Breeds like Australian shepherds, Golden retrievers, or other breeds with similar coats can be groomed with zero trimming involved for it to be different then what we would usually do.