Antler chews

Antler chews

Our customers at Hip Pooch are always looking for All-Natural treats, chews & food and it just seemed natural to switch over from rawhides to Antlers. There are many different companies out there selling them, but that will only determine a difference in price. A deer is a deer and an Elk is an Elk. We have listed below the benefits of giving the Antlers to your dog. We think they are a pretty great for dogs of all ages. We carry a variety of sizes in store.
Dogs, taking a cue from other scavenging mammals, love to chew on these all-natural and long-lasting bones.

Here are some of their benefits from the minerals contained in each antler chew:

• Collagen-Good for bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage
• Lipids - Essential for growth and development
• Glucosamine- Good for joints and tissue
• Calcium- Benefits bones and teeth
• Iron- Essential for healthy blood cells
• Potassium- Good for nerve and muscle function
• Magnesium- Aids in storing and releasing energy
• Phosphorus- Benefits bones and teeth

Further Benefits:
•  Healthier coat
•  Aids in kidney function
•  Improved wound healing
•  High calcium levels
•  Cleans teeth
•  No dyes or preservatives

• Calorie-free: With the increasing number of dogs with weight problems, you can feel good about giving your dog these zero-calorie

• Odor-less: Antlers don’t contain any smell. They do promote teeth health and saliva production, leaving your dog with a healthier
mouth and fresher breath.

• Clean: Antlers are the cleanest toy nature has to offer, leaving you with no messy residue like so many raw bones and other chew

• Safe: Antlers are very strong so they won’t splinter or crack like most other bones can. The antler is worn away gradually as your
dog chews them over time.

• Long-lasting: Antlers incredibly long-lasting, giving your dog hours of chew time that keeps them from chewing on your favorite pair
of shoes. Most antlers can last for weeks or even months.

• Size variety: Antlers come in a variety of sizes, so whether your dog is small, medium-sized or large, you can find a perfectly-
sized antler just for your beloved pet.

When purchasing an antler for the first time, select a size that is appropriate for your dog’s body size. And supervise your
dog at first so that he doesn’t over-aggressively chew the antler, as this may result in a broken tooth or choking.