Earth Animal - No Hide Beef Chew


Rolls are the original (and still the best) healthy, long-lasting alternative to rawhide. 

You won’t find any bleach, synthetics, or preservatives in these scrumptious sticks of goodness. Each No-Hide is mixed, rolled, and baked by our team in Lancaster, PA, using six clean ingredients plus one sustainably sourced protein—it’s simple math using simple ingredients.


Humanely raised beef, brown rice flour, agar-agar (a plant-based gelatin), olive oil, eggs, banana powder, and pineapple stem.

Chewing is a fun and healthy activity that dogs love and rely on for stimulation and enjoyment. As parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure they do it safely. That’s why we recommend that pets be given the right size chew and that they are ALWAYS SUPERVISED.

Small: 10-39lbs Medium: 40-69lbs