Sunny Tails - 4 in 1 convertible dog leash - Black

Type: Pet Leashes

Explore our dual ended, ultra lightweight, buttery soft, odor resistant, all-weatherproof Cloud Leash we developed using 100% vegan PVC coated webbing that’s been tested to withstand approximately 750 lbs of pull. 

Total max length: 8.5 ft / 2.55m 
Adjustable length: 4.5 ft / 1.35m
Non-adjustable length: 4 ft / 1.2m 

We designed this leash with both you and your dog in mind, with one side that is fully adjustable so that you can wear it across your shoulder or around your waist, or hold it as a regular hand held leash.

The non-adjustable side can also be worn across the shoulder comfortably with the adjustable side clipped to your dog if you wish to shorten/increase the distance between you and your pup.

The adjustable side can be shortened to 28” (2.3 ft) or extended to 4.5 ft (54”), while the non-adjustable side is 4 ft in length for a total max length of 8.5 ft.

The adjustable side also doubles as a traffic handle when clipped to your pup.

SIZE: 5/8" wide